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« You still need  a certain phase of adaptation to adopt the product" , warns Louis Falisse. The ideal is to accustom young kids directly to this less sweet alternative.

Le Vif Weekend

Louis Falisse surrounded himself intelligently to carry out his project and make his product known. After having defined its bases and its structure with the incubator from Nivelles Cap Innove &  ID2Food, it is via la "couveuse d'entreprise" Créa Job LLN that the product is today marketed today.

Trends Tendances

“I looked at the label and saw that it was over 50% sugar. I told myself that it was not possible to eat so many. Based on this observation, I looked for a chocolate with less sugar and in the end, I did not really find an alternative with a chocolate taste”

L'Avenir BW

Thanks to the sweetness of the carrot, the  sugar content drops to 12%  in the preparation for more than 50% in traditional spread. The WHO recommends 25 grams of added sugar per day and per child. A slice of Nutella which contains 56% added sugar is already 14 grams.



Passage in the "Feel Good Story" of the week on Radio Contact.

Louis tells the story of Chocolow and explains how he tried to create the most sustainable project possible.

We appreciate the "I love choco" at the end of the clip (to discover by clicking on the link below)

Radio Contact

Promoting local talent, offering activities close to home or a little further away, discovering tourist sites, local recipes, artisans... If Chocolow is part of this description, wow!
Check it out in the Auvio recording below (from 1:18:00)


The idea is not that children and parents eat it every day. It remains a sweet product. The ideal is to vary the pleasures. For other children, it depends on their age and habits. As with any eating habit, it sometimes takes a while to appreciate a new flavor. »


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but unfortunately it is often neglected, eaten too fatty or too sweet. To remedy this problem, a young dad embarked on the creation of spreads based on Belgian, organic and above all seasonal vegetables.


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